Thursday, November 18, 2010

Princess Diana cont. again

Diana Faked her Own Death
This conspiracy theory states that Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed used their enormous wealth to fake their own death so that they could run away and get married out of the public’s eye.

Investigators conclusion
Lord Stevens, former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service, conducted an investigation, on Princess Diana’s death, that was 900 pages. In the Operation Paget Lord Stevens actually investigated many of the conspiracy theories circulating to determine their validity. He concluded that there was no conspiracy to kill Princess Diana but it was just an accident.

Favourite Theory
My favourite theory by far, concerning Princess Diana’s death is nearly exactly like the “Royal Family did it” theory, but with a unique twist. You see… in this theory… the royal family is actually blood thirsty, shape shifting aliens!

You see all of the most powerful families on Earth are actually these aliens, and Diana knew this. This of course means the royal family had no choice but to take her out, thus the accident.

Thanks for reading. and P.S. i don't really believe the Lizard People theory. : P