Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Philadelphia Experiment

I’ll make my first post about a very interesting conspiracy theory I had read about. It’s about the U.S. Navy Destroyer Escort USS Eldridge on October 28, 1943 in the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The cruiser and its crew were partaking in an experiment which The Navy hoped to invent a way for a crew and its ship to be rendered invisible to both the naked eye and to radar by creating an application for Albert Einstein’s Unified Field Theory. However, the Navy could not have prepared itself for the horrible event that where to come! In full view of hundreds, if not thousands of onlookers the ship vanished. A fog went up around the ship and then it was gone.

It took a couple of minutes before it then reappeared in the harbour, but almost immediately the ground crew could tell something was wrong. There was no crew on the deck and no one would respond to hailing on the radio or even by loudspeaker. It seemed that the ship was deserted. A boarding party reached the ship and began exploring it, inside they found something that none of them would ever forget. They found that much of the crew had gone insane, and we aren’t talking about the nice “in a ball on the floor” insane, no like the “I’m gonna eat your flesh” insane. Worse as the landing party searched the lower decks they found that some of the crew had fused to the hull, with a few of them still being alive when the landing party arrived. After the ship was cleared, the surviving crew rescued, the dead tallied, it was realized that much of the crew was gone. Not dead, gone. Vanished. Never to be seen again. Interviews with surviving crew reported that once the ship had gone invisible the crew could actually walk through the walls and even drop through the floor. They also said that they had teleported to a landlocked town that was later identified as Norfolk, Virginia. It was also reported that they travelled back in time for as much as three whole seconds! It then teleported back to Philadelphia and the crew were then taken for medical treatment.  Over the course of the next few weeks many of the surviving crew reported experiencing phases of intense nausea, recurring nightmares, and a few even vanished into thin air. There was even a report of a group of the crew getting into a fight in a bar and then vanishing from sight unexpectedly.
                Of course this is all just a Story. The real story was that Morris K. Jessup was writing a book about UFO’s and other paranormal activities, when he began receiving letters from a mysterious man that recounted the events. Morris mostly ignored the letters and their message until an officer from the Office of Naval Research (ONR) appeared at his house and began asking questions. Apparently someone had mailed a copy of Morris’ book to the ONR but it was heavily annotated by at least three people. Morris was able to identify one of the annotators as the same man, whom had sent him the letters, Carl M. Allen. Morris then gave the navy multiple copies of his book and the officers were on their way. Carl Allen was later found and admitted to creating the entire story.


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  1. Ill be reading my ass of about this tonight! :)

  2. wow thats some serious stuff , like a major cover up?

  3. So Carl Allen was an asshole I guess :P

  4. There is a great radio show called Coast to Coast that was posted to YouTube concerning this topic. It is 2 hours long and very informative. The man is Al Bielik who says he was part of the experiment and also was on the ship during one or both tests. Awesome stuff and he makes it sound believable. Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Cw5cGkCDf8. I hope it is ok that I posted this.

  5. It is true allright... That is all I can say... (Sorry but we all know that Big Brother is watching...)