Monday, November 22, 2010

Condensation Trails

Condensation Trails

Have you ever looked up at the sky and seen a plane fly over head? Have you seen the trial of condensation it leaves in its wake? What is it? What is its purpose? Well, luckily you have me to tell you strange and unusual theories about it. Some theories think that the condensation trials are actually chemicals being injected into the atmosphere as a means to suppress the populace. It’s a perfect plan; no one would suspect that the innocent commercial planes that carry business and families across the country are actually tools by the evil government. However, what exactly are they doing with the chemical trials? What are they hoping to achieve? A certain segment of the population believe that the planes are depositing an electrically conductive, metallic material that is used to aid the super weapon program known a HAARP, I’ll write about HAARP later this week. It is also believed that the chemicals are poisonous and a means of population control.


  1. I read about the condensation trails, and it came to my awareness. Sometimes I think its really chemical trails, chemicals that get people sick. I always wondered, why in the earth why they would do this. Now your theory seems to cloud my head. haha.