Monday, November 15, 2010

Montuak Project cont...

 Alright, so I've put together this list of what the Montuak Project supposedly did while it was running.

-The facility extended to as many as twelve levels and employed several hundred workers. Some say the facility extended under the town of Montuak itself and interconnected with the “Deep Underground Military Bases” known as “D1” Bases.
-Some experiments that were done included; teleportation, travel to parallel dimensions, and time travel.
-There was a success in which a portal in time was created that allowed the scientists to travel anywhere in time or space. They later stabilized it in a “Time Tunnel”.
-They made contact with Martians whom had lived on Mar thousands of years before mankind. The aliens traded technology with the scientists which gave the scientists access to hyperspace. With this knowledge Stewart Swerdlow developed the “Language of Hyperspace” which consisted of glyphs and archetypes as well as color and tone. “The Language of Hyperspace” was the language used by the creator God himself.
-The project developed means, through microchips in the brain, to allow people to gain access to psychic abilities. These abilities allowed the people to materialize object from this air. The aliens from before also gave the scientists a chair that would enhance this power.
-Nikola Telsa was the chief director of operations.
-Psychological experiments, such as the use of subliminal messages were conducted within the facility.
-Lastly a “Men in Black” type of organization was founded from the facility. The MIB’s job was to confuse and frighten the public.

If you would be interested in reading more about the Montauk Project then please visit these sites.


  1. a time tunnel?? hmmmmmm I dont know......

  2. Great post. waiting for more updates

  3. Thats awesome and interesting stuff, did read about it in the past, but its good reminder.